La Majada Quesos Valencia

Exploring Spanish Cheeses at La Majada Quesos in Valencia

We were reading The Telling Room, a book about the history and drama surrounding an artisanal cheese from Castile-Leon Spain, at the same time that we came across La Majada, a cheese bar in Valencia. The book sparked an appetite for Spanish cheese that La Majada’s vast cheese cellar was perfectly suited to fulfill.

El Mirador Kiosko Bar Turia Garden Valencia

Eating Your Way Through The Turia Garden

We love living in the city but I must admit that, now and again, it is nice to escape the noise and the crowds and get back to nature. Fortunately, here in Valencia we can immerse ourselves among the trees, lakes, flora and fauna only a few blocks away in the Jardin del Turia. The…

Purple sea urchins on ice

Sea Urchin: How is this food?

Sea Urchin Butter. Words I would never have put together. Now we have a log of it in our freezer and we’re melting it on top of all kinds of things, like seared scallops and pasta (recipes at the end of post). How did this happen? Like many people perhaps, our past experiences with sea…

Xativa Spain view over city

Day Trip to Xátiva

Xátiva Spain is a small city with a lot of history. Located about 60 km south of Valencia, Xátiva makes for a quick and fun day trip. It is just under an hour ride on the C-2 regional train (Renfe Cercanías) which leaves from Valencia Nord station approximately every 30 minutes. We recently took a morning train…

Crudo Bar Valencia Spain Jills Urban Food Crawls

Crudo Bar Bliss

Ahh, Spring! We are usually adventurous eaters, excited to try new restaurants and new tastes. Some days, though, we want to go where we know we’ll be happy. The sun is shining and the temp is just right. We don’t want to take any chances. We want it to be good. We go to one…

Fabada Asturiana

We’re saying goodbye to winter with one more hearty recipe. Spring may have arrived in Valencia, but if we were in the Asturias region of north-west Spain right now, we might still have several weeks of cold wet weather ahead of us. We would definitely want a bowl of Fabada Asturiana. The inhabitants of this…