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Croquetas Pincho i Trago Valencia

Old Town Valencia Tapas Bars

Tapas bars are scattered throughout Valencia’s old town among the shops, restaurants and historic buildings. You could spend days (okay, months) exploring these narrow streets, always finding someplace new. Personally, we prefer to do our sightseeing with a snack and beverage close at hand. There are so many […]

Food Crawling Through Charleston

Decisions, Decisions. Choosing from among the many fantastic restaurants in Charleston, South Carolina can be overwhelming, particularly if you have a limited amount of time to experience it all. A food crawl, where you select one food item and one drink at each restaurant, is a great way […]

DC Orange line metro food crawl map

Orange Line Metro Food Crawl

The western arm of the Orange Line links the heart of DC to North Arlington Virginia, where it’s no longer just office buildings and government agencies, but young professionals working, living, playing and eating in hip urban villages. Arlington officials had great foresight when they turned down plans […]