smoky salmorejo serrano ham cold tomato soup

Salmorejo: A Cold Soup for a Hot Spanish Summer

Salmorejo is a cold tomato soup from Cordoba in the Andalusia region of Spain. Similar to gazpacho, but with fewer ingredients and a thicker consistency, this soup is perfect for the hot summer days typical of southern Spain. It is also a great way to enjoy the bounty of ripe tomatoes that summer brings. Salmorejo…

Clóchinas cloxtinas lemon garlic

Clóchinas: Pulling Valencian Mussels From a Shell

With the arrival of summer, clóchinas began appearing in the markets and on restaurant menus all over Valencia. These very special mussels are unique to Valencia and only available May through September. Clóchinas (also called clotxinas in Valenciano) are cultivated on 22 floating rafts located in the ports of Valencia and Sagunto. Harvest follows the…

La Majada Quesos Valencia

Exploring Spanish Cheeses at La Majada Quesos in Valencia

We were reading The Telling Room, a book about the history and drama surrounding an artisanal cheese from Castile-Leon Spain, at the same time that we came across La Majada, a cheese bar in Valencia. The book sparked an appetite for Spanish cheese that La Majada’s vast cheese cellar was perfectly suited to fulfill.

Purple sea urchins on ice

Sea Urchin: How is this food?

Sea Urchin Butter. Words I would never have put together. Now we have a log of it in our freezer and we’re melting it on top of all kinds of things, like seared scallops and pasta (recipes at the end of post). How did this happen? Like many people perhaps, our past experiences with sea…

Fabada Asturiana

We’re saying goodbye to winter with one more hearty recipe. Spring may have arrived in Valencia, but if we were in the Asturias region of north-west Spain right now, we might still have several weeks of cold wet weather ahead of us. We would definitely want a bowl of Fabada Asturiana. The inhabitants of this…

Creamy artichoke soup garnished with serrano ham

Creamy Artichoke Soup

Artichoke season is still going strong in Spain, with huge piles of them in the markets. Artichokes are a cold weather crop that are at their best from November to April. Once the weather heats up, the artichokes will grow too quickly, open their leaves and begin to transform into beautiful but inedible flowers. Artichokes…