Bacalao at Taberna El Balconcillo

Our first experience with salt cod was in a little French restaurant in Virginia. The cod was mixed into a creamy brandade, a rich dip that we recreated over and over for anyone willing to eat at our house. Finding good salt cod in grocery stores in the United States was a challenge. It was…

Croquetas Pincho i Trago Valencia

Old Town Valencia Tapas Bars

Tapas bars are scattered throughout Valencia’s old town among the shops, restaurants and historic buildings. You could spend days (okay, months) exploring these narrow streets, always finding someplace new. Personally, we prefer to do our sightseeing with a snack and beverage close at hand. There are so many tapas bars and restaurants in this area…

Spanish Tortilla

Spanish Tortilla

The Tortilla de Patata, known elsewhere as a Spanish Tortilla, is a simple and satisfying dish loved by all in Spain. I would be willing to bet that every Spanish restaurant in Spain makes tortilla. You can order a slice of it as a tapa or pincho, but most people here seem to like it…

boquerones fritas tapa granada

Granada: The Free Tapas Challenge

Granada’s restaurants are known for their tradition of free tapas with beer or wine. We’ve heard that they will keep bringing them as long as you keep ordering. Our challenge was to see just how far they will go.

Plaza de bib-rambla Granada spain

Tapas in Granada, Spain

Food crawling is a part of the lifestyle in Granada, one of the few cities in Spain to still offer free tapas. We share some of our favorite spots for tapas around the city.