Wine Bars in Valencia

As the third largest wine producing country in the world, Spain produces a lot of excellent wines at reasonable prices. A great way to learn about the different regions and grape varietals is through experience; in other words, tasting lots of Spanish wine. There are plenty of places in Valencia to enjoy a glass or…

La Majada Quesos Valencia

Exploring Spanish Cheeses at La Majada Quesos in Valencia

We were reading The Telling Room, a book about the history and drama surrounding an artisanal cheese from Castile-Leon Spain, at the same time that we came across La Majada, a cheese bar in Valencia. The book sparked an appetite for Spanish cheese that La Majada’s vast cheese cellar was perfectly suited to fulfill.

Virginia Wines

Where to Taste Virginia Wine in DC

Did you know that Virginia is now the 5th largest wine producing area in the country? If you are visiting from outside of the Washington DC area, then you probably haven’t had many opportunities to sample Virginia wines since very few of the wineries distribute out of state. On the other hand, if you are a…